Hello, I am happy that you found my blog! As this is an anonymous blog, I can only reveal that I am a young Canadian man in my late twenties. For convenience, you can call me Jake Norman (which is not my real name). Who I am, what my upbringing consisted of, what I do for a living, even what province(s) and/or territory(ies) I live or lived in, I choose not to reveal. I chose to make this blog anonymous because of the private yet important subject matter here. It is about my being circumcised as an infant (a fate that I share with a lot of my North American fellow men), how I am upset about this, what I am doing to reverse it through a process known as foreskin restoration, as well as to promote intactivism (the movement that is against non-concentual circumcision). If you are a circumcised male, a sexual partner of one, or potential parents who are expecting a son, then this blog might be an invaluable resource to you. While you cannot contact me, you are welcome to post questions/comments on my posts to which I will reply. Happy reading if you’re at all curious/interested in this taboo subject!