The DTR Tugger and the HyperRestore Balloon

A year ago, I started on the incredible journey of restoring my foreskin. The journey still continues. I am still at a coverage index of CI-3, meaning that my new foreskin isn’t long enough to cover my corona, but I trust it will get there sooner or later. Getting the skin long enough to be able to cover the corona naturally has been said to be one of the biggest hurdles in restoring a foreskin.

In my last post I mentioned how back in April I saw a urologist about my foreskin restoration. While the urologist saw no problem with using a foreskin device on myself, he unfortunately didn’t see any benefit to restoring a foreskin. But that was his loss, and I know my own body better than anyone else. I had been using only manual tugging for nearly 10 months in a row at that point and by then I badly wanted to start using a device so that I could not only free up my hands for other activities, but also to get in more restoring time throughout the day.

I ordered in the full DTR kit from the website The DTR is a foreskin restoration device that basically works by placing the glans inside this small plate attached to a rod, which is put inside this bell with the rod sticking out. The rod is secured to the bell by means of screws. The penis shaft skin and/or foreskin is then rolled onto the bell and is secured there by a silicon gripper. Elastics are then used to create tension.

I also ordered in a tugging pin and a tugging strap, which is used to convert the DTR unit into a tugger. Instead of the plate and the rod that is attached to the bell, the tugging pin, which is smaller, is attached to the bell. To skin is rolled similarly onto the bell by a silicon gripper, and tension is created by a tugging strap attached to the tugging pin and is stretched down to your calf where it is secured.

While I waited for the DTR to arrive, I spent the waiting time experimenting with o-rings. These are small rings that hold the skin over the glans with minimal tension. I noticed, however, that after an hour of wearing an o-ring my testicles hurt. I knew that pain shouldn’t be part of the restoration process. I tried using the o-rings several times, but the pain wouldn’t go away. I will admit I was kind of hoping it wasn’t the o-rings. When the DTR finally arrived, my testicles were still in pain. I asked my therapist about it who was very sympathetic. She suggested I let the pain go away first before I risked hurting myself further. This wasn’t because she didn’t approve of my decision to restore my foreskin, she’s been more than supportive, but she just suggested I take a week off of not having any device attached to my penis to see if the pain healed.

I finally decided that she was right and that I was should let my body heal from the pain. Disappointment and anxiety overwhelmed me. What if the DTR didn’t work for me? What if no device worked for me? If a simple o-ring was causing this amount of pain, would any device be safe? Would I have to restore just using my hands for the next several years?

My therapist who has worked with me and continues to work with me on my anxiety issues suggested I fill out a thought record. This is a mental exercise to help combat anxiety where you write down what’s triggering the anxiety, what my automatic thoughts are, and what some alternative thoughts are. My automatic thoughts were basically the ‘what if’ questions I wrote above. Some of my alternative thoughts were the following: ‘Hurdles like these are part of the journey’, ‘There are a lot of devices out there so the odds are in my favour that at least one of them will work for me’, ‘Experimentation is a stage that I need to get through’.

I put my new DTR kit and my o-rings aside. The pain continued to stay with me over the next week, but then gradually waned and disappeared a few days after. It was then that I decided to try using the DTR again.

I tried the DTR with the tugging strap first since the maker of it recommended it for beginners. I bought a cuff to attach the tugging strap to my calf with. I found it fit all right and thankfully didn’t cause any pain at all. It was certainly easy to tighten the strap enough for me to feel pain, but using right amount of tension led to a good stretch for my new developing foreskin, while not feeling any discomfort. I started to wear it six to eight hours on almost every day.

Trying the DTR with the push plate, rod, and elastics, however, was a different story. I tried experimenting with this method for a few days, but found I couldn’t get quite comfortable with it. I would always feel pain or at least a slight discomfort. I didn’t, and still don’t, regret buying it, however. It will probably become more useful later on in the process. I continue to experiment with it too.

I was very pleased with the progress I was making with the DTR tugger though. It seemed like everyday my skin would feel a little looser, and I definitely noticed a difference each time I masturbated. Unfortunately with the warm weather coming up though, I knew that I would need a second method. To hide the tugging strap when out in public or at work I needed to wear pants. If I wore shorts, people might wonder why the heck a strap was coming out of my shorts and attached to a cuff around my calf.

After doing a bit more research on alternative devices and reading what other restoring men thought was useful, I found one that I felt was worth trying out. It’s called the HyperRestore Balloon and the link for it is here: It works quite differently than the DTR. Instead of a push plate and a bell pushing against the glans, a balloon that’s a little inflated does the job. Two cones also replace the jobs of the silicone gripper and the bell. I ordered one in and found it to be pretty comfortable to wear and seemed to give me good tension with good results. I found it very easy to inflate the balloon too much to cause pain and had to experiment a bit to find out what my threshold of pain was like I did with the DTR tugging strap. I have noticed, however, that as I continue to use these devices my body can tolerate higher amounts of tension for longer periods of time. I also often like to use both devices on a given day to add a bit of variety to my routine.

I can usually wear either device for at least 1-2 hours (often longer) before feeling the need to take it off again and wear at least one of them several times per day. I also wash the devices daily with some kind of soap detergent. It also feels great to go around wearing these devices. I feel a little more whole, knowing that my penis looks natural instead of circumcised. It’s made a lot of my sadness and frustration over being circumcised evaporate. Now I simply have to stay the course until I have a foreskin again.

Love always, Jake Norman (pseudonym), foreskin restorer and intactivist


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