Visit to Urologist

Last month, I had an appointment with a urologist regarding my foreskin restoration. I’ve waited eight months for this appointment, totalling almost 10 months since I began restoring using manual tugging techniques with only my hands, tugging on average one hour per day. My main reason for seeing the urologist was simply to air on the side of caution and to see if there were any risks in using restoration devices on myself. As I’ve said in a pervious post, another doctor who made the referral had trouble giving the go-ahead in using devices on my new growing foreskin and so made the referral to see the urologist.

I have to admit I was pretty anxious leading up to the visit. I wasn’t sure how the urologist would react to hearing that I was restoring my foreskin. I’ve read and heard about a lot of doctors simply not understanding the need to restore a foreskin, as well as personally experiencing this myself with another doctor. My therapist, however, is very understanding of my problem with being circumcised and of restoring my foreskin and has helped a lot as I’ve said in my last post. She helped me draft up some solid questions to ask the urologist. They were as follows:

Is surgical restoration a viable option or is it best for me to continue to restore through non-surgical tugging?

How much frenulum do I have left? (In case you aren’t aware, the frenulum is a specialised tissue that connects the foreskin to the glans in an uncircumcised penis, much like how the tongue is connected to the floor of the mouth, and circumcised men often lose some or all of this tissue to circumcision.)

Is it safe to use a device on myself? Are there any risks?

I would also print off some pictures of devices I would think about using, in case he needed to see them.

Overall, the visit with the urologist went well. When I went to the hospital, I checked in and patiently waited in a waiting room. One of the doctor’s medical students saw me first. He first asked me why I was in. I told him I was restoring my foreskin for both psychological reasons (to feel whole and complete as a man) and for sexual reasons (to gain sexual pleasure). He then gave me a physical. It was then that I thought it would be a good time to ask him if I had any frenulum left. He then looked and confirmed that I did indeed still have a normal frenulum.

I felt a bit of relief then. At least the doctor who circumcised me wasn’t entirely ruthless. He had left me with some of the more specialised bits of tissue. I always suspected I had a bit of frenulum left, but I thought a lot of it would have been removed. It doesn’t appear to be the case fortunately.

Then the doctor himself came in. I again explained how I was restoring my foreskin, and he gave me another physical. He commented on how much foreskin I had, which I was pleased with. He quickly informed me that surgery wasn’t a good option in restoring my foreskin because of a lot of risky complications, which may compromise my sexual function. I showed him a picture of a possible device, and he informed me that I could use whatever devices on myself I wanted to so long as no pain was involved.

He did not, however, see the point of restoring a foreskin and believed that there is no difference in sexual pleasure between being circumcised and being uncircumcised. He said the internet is filled with incorrect information, one of them being that uncircumcised is more pleasurable than circumcised and that there have been studies done on men who have been circumcised later in life and report no difference in sexual function (so I guess this is my way of spreading the “incorrect” information that uncircumcised is more pleasurable on the internet haha). I kindly pointed out that my experience in restoring my foreskin so far has proved to me that I do experience more pleasure in having more and more foreskin. The doctor, however, was set in his views, and I honestly didn’t see the point of arguing with him about it. I had achieved my goal at the appointment, that is, obtaining the information that it is safe to use devices on myself to restore my foreskin so long as I didn’t feel pain.

A couple of hours after the appointment, I found myself ruminating on the doctor’s attitude toward foreskin restoration. Despite circumcision being a controversial topic nowadays, it reminded me that I still live in a culture that is still too pro-circumcision for my liking. As time went on, however, relief that I could finally use a device on myself replaced the rumination. I also texted back and forth a couple of friends who have been supportive of my decision to restore my foreskin, which also helped.

I will update my progress in the next post.


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