Foreskin Restoration: 3-6 Months

I have so far described my progress and methods in restoring my foreskin for the first two months (last July and August) in the last couple of posts. I will now, however, go on to tell about my progress after that up until now. As I’ve pointed out in the last post, I made a lot of progress in the summer months resulting in increase pleasure in masturbation. Well, I’m pleased to report, the four months that followed have been no different. Mind you, sometimes it can be a bit of an adjustment getting used to the new gliding action of the looser skin since I’ve only experienced my penis as a rigid organ throughout my life. I’ve had moments where the new growing skin is getting in the way of stimulating places on my penis because it’s tougher for those certain places to make direct contact with my hands or fleshlight. They mostly make contact with the new gliding skin. As well, the friction that I felt in using the fleshlight before I started restoring is slipping away, and it’s been a bit of an adjustment getting used to that as well. This is, however, the way intact sex is supposed to be, and I do sense new kind of pleasure taking over from the ‘old pleasure’ from friction. As I am learning through my own restoration, intact sex is and feels completely different than circumcised sex (or at least being a virgin it certainly is when using the fleshlight). I have heard other restoring men say that they have experienced the same kind of adjustments. After all, it makes sense. I’ve lived all my life with a penis that didn’t function the way nature made it.

I also believe that these adjustments make it important to be participating in sexual activity regularly during the restoration process, whether it be through solo masturbation as in my case and/or with a sexual partner. It allows your body and mind to get used to the new sensations and sensitivity bit by bit as your penis slowly transforms from a circumcised one back to an uncircumcised one. Despite these adjustments, however, both the quality and the quantity of the ‘new pleasure’ are certainly greater than the quality and quantity of the ‘old pleasure’. After a successful masturbation session, I sometimes almost feeling like laughing. The amount of pleasure I’ve gained has been unbelievable and has helped keep my motivation to continue to restore strong. It has, however, been difficult to actually see progress on my new foreskin since my penis still looks very much like a circumcised one. As I said in the last post, this is where taking photos come in useful. The photos offer a different optical perspective of my progress and can help see progress where my naked eye can’t, which has also kept my motivation strong. As well, the skin is more and more frequently rolling over the corona and covering some of the glans when I’m sitting down and/or wearing underwear when I am flaccid.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the Coverage Index, which measures how much of a foreskin a penis has, whether the penis is circumcised or uncircumcised. The Coverage Index is good in that it creates milestones and is a rough measure of progress for a circumcised man undertaking foreskin restoration. A page that describes the various stages is here: . Before I began my own restoration journey, I believe I was at either a CI-1 or CI-2 (I don’t know for certain because I didn’t know about the Coverage Index when I started restoring). Since being a week into the process, however, I have been at a CI-3. I have no idea when I’ll reach the CI-4 as progress in foreskin restoration can vary from one man to another. The CI-4 stage is also known to be a tough milestone to get to with some men taking years to reach it. I will say, however, that my CI-3 stage seems to continuously improve.

As for what my restoring routine has been like over the past few months, I manually tug with my hands on average one hour per day, although individual days can vary a lot, depending upon how much I have going on on a particular day (I believe when I get a device for myself this will become less of a problem since there are devices you can attach to your penis to do the tensioning of the skin for you and that you can wear inconspicuously under clothing). Some days I only find time to tug half an hour, other days I tug up to two hours). When I do tug for one or two hours in a day, though, I spread the time apart and never go beyond half an hour during a single tugging session. I also often take advantage of the bathroom at work. I’ll bring in a water bottle and make sure I drink a lot of water so that I have to go to the bathroom frequently. Then when I do go, I go in a stall and will spend a couple of minutes restoring in there afterwards. And so far it doesn’t look like anyone at my place of work has noticed this odd bathroom habit. Tully at has said this has worked just find for him.

As for how I have been tugging and how I continue to tug I continue to use method 2 of Tully at . As I pointed out in the last post, I have enough inner skin left to completely cover my glans, although my scarline is lop-sided and I have more inner skin on the right side than on the left side. To compensate for this, I use method 2 of Tully in a lop-sided way. When I used method 2 in tugging, I will put tension on the scarline on the left and dorsal (top) sides, while putting the tension on the right side below my scarline. This will ensure that I focus most of my efforts on the outer skin, while not bothering to touch the inner skin on my right side at all since I have more than enough inner skin on that side as it is. I will then spend a few minutes tugging the inner skin on the left side and dorsal side to try to even out the scarline using method 3 of Tully at (I don’t know if this is important for other restoring men, I’m really just doing this for my own personal taste in aesthetics as I want to my restored penis to look at least somewhat symmetrical).

I have now been restoring for 6 months. That’s half a year and as I’ve said the benefits I’ve gained have been incredible and have convinced me that I have indeed made the right choice for myself. What will the second half of my first year of restoring bring me? I’ll just have to keep up with the restoring and see.

Love always, Jake Norman (pseudonym), foreskin restorer and intactivist




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