Foreskin Restoration: First Major Improvements and Skin Types

I began to reverse my circumcision through foreskin restoration at the beginning of last July. Well, it was actually in mid-June that I began it, but I ended up taking a break after a week for a couple of weeks for reasons I elaborated on in the previous post. The first two months saw massive changes in how my penis functioned. Even after the first week, my skin was quite a bit looser from tugging. It was like I didn’t even need to use lube for masturbating. A circumcised man usually needs lube so that the hands can slide up and down the shaft made rigid by circumcision. But after only a week, my skin had gained a little bit of the gliding action associated with the foreskin and I could glide it over a good amount of the glans without lube. Mind you, I still usually use lube with my fleshlight to masturbate as I find it more pleasurable and simulates actual sexual intercourse (or at least I believe it does, I don’t know for certain since I’m still a virgin).

As the weeks went by, I continued using method 2 of Tally on  and things continued to improve. The shaft skin became looser and looser, and I was pretty excited. I started taking pictures of my progress on a month-by-month basis as I heard that this was a good way to keep the motivation to continue strong since pictures can show progress that often the naked eye can’t see, especially when you’re dealing with a process as slow as foreskin restoration. I love taking the pictures. I use the camera on my laptop to take them. I then store them in a password-protected folder on a USB stick and afterwards delete them permanently from my laptop (since I wouldn’t want pictures of my penis just lying around for anyone to access). When I started taking the pictures and started noticing a little bit of progress, I got a thrill out of it and a sense of power. I really was reversing what was wrongfully done to me. I felt I was regaining control over my own body and sending the message that no one will ever mutilate my body again without my consent.

As the skin got looser and looser, I often couldn’t help but just slide the growing skin over my glans from time to time. Mind you, if I left it alone I definitely still looked circumcised, but it was a new and wondrous feeling to be able to slide the skin over the glans. Then a little after two months in at the beginning of September I felt I hit my first milestone. I caught it when I masturbated with my fleshlight. When I masturbated with my fleshlight before this, I didn’t feel much of a change in using the fleshlight, despite the skin being a bit looser. Then in September when I was using the fleshlight, I actually felt the skin inside the fleshlight move a little with the fleshlight. The gliding action had restored to the point where it was actually having an affect in my masturbation sessions with the fleshlight. The feeling was simply amazing. It made me really happy that I had chosen to restore and that I was now beginning to get back a little of what I had lost. I was amazed at how just a little gliding action could improve my sensitivity and sensations as much as it did.

I started talking with other restoring men I found online since I felt a little alone in taking on foreskin restoration. I learned from them something major about my penis. The skin below the glans actually comprises of two different types of skin. There is the inner skin that used to lay on top of my glans before I was circumcised and there’s the outer skin that comprises the shaft skin and whatever remains of the outer foreskin (although like I said before I believe in the majority of cases of circumcision only shaft skin remains of outer skin). Between these two types of skin there is the scarline where the circumcision cut was made, which usually looks like a semi-dark line encircling the shaft. After talking with people online and a trusted male friend and examining my penis, I found my own scarline.

So that’s where my skin was cut. I never really examined my penis before this point in my life so didn’t really notice it before. But there it was. I certainly didn’t like finding it and didn’t like having such a scar on my penis and made my motivation to continue with foreskin restoration even stronger. Even worse, it didn’t even look like the doctor who circumcised me didn’t go that great of a job (not that I think there is such a thing as a ‘good circumcision’).

My scarline was very lop-sided with more inner skin remaining on the right side than on the left. I often noticed that my penis when left on its own would flop over to the left side and this was why. It was because of how I was circumcised. Also, during those first couple of months it did in fact become apparent that I was making more progress on the right side than on the left. Again, it was because of the way I was cut. I’m guessing that the doctor simply eye-balled my foreskin without doing good measurements. What I did notice, however, was that he did leave a good amount of inner skin regardless and I learned that a lot of circumcised men aren’t so lucky. Inner skin is tougher to grow than outer skin and so I was certainly grateful for the amount of inner skin I was left with. In fact, it pretty much covered my glans when I stretched it over them.

From talking with others, I learned that the location of the scarline and the amount of inner skin remaining is important in determining how a circumcised man should best restore. If a circumcised man has very little inner skin left, then he should place the tension in tugging on the scarline to grow both inner skin and outer skin. This will help ensure that as restoration continues, only inner skin touches the glans, which is important in gaining back both inner skin and glans sensitivity. On the other hand, if there is a lot of inner skin remaining to the point of not needing much more, then the man should place the tension in tugging below the scarline. This will place the emphasis on growing more outer skin, while leaving the inner skin pretty much alone. Either way, the goal here is to slowly but surely move the scarline to the tip of the penis.

And as you can guess I mostly went with the latter.

Love always, Jake Norman (pseudonym), foreskin restorer and intactivist

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